The Fun Art of Kathleen Woolsey



Rooted in

  For the first time our fair held a logo contest for this year's theme, "Rooted in Tree-dition".  The beautiful trees are one of the best things about our fairground, known as "California's Most Beautiful Fairgrounds". The trees have been there for many many years and I would think they eagerly anticipate each years fair and the visitors it brings.  This art was selected for the fair's logo that goes on all of the fair brochures, advertising, t-shirts, mugs, everything!

Wild About Ewe


I had so much more planned for this mural but ran out of time, hence this is probably my least favorite entry.  It received not only first place but best of show. It is set along the gold walkway on the fairgrounds.  We have the most beautiful fairgrounds in California.  Notice the three rams joyriding on the tractor in the background.  Remind you of anything?


Barnyard Mardi Gras


Of all the entries thus far, this one was the most involved.  Determined to win first place this year I went all out.  Not only are pieces layered to give the mural depth but several actually move.  Turn the big tractor wheel and the sheep jumps up and down (Got to get those beads!). The balls, the cat is juggling, spin; and the duck jumps up and down when the rear trailer wheel is turned.  And last, but certainly not least, the pigs do a high kick when the windmill blade turns.  Look closely and you’ll see the indignant peacock staring down the hens who stole his tail feathers.  By the way, it did win first place.


On Down

My very first mural entry in the Nevada County Fair received second place. When someone actually bought the piece I was astounded. However, the biggest kick was hanging around the exhibit at the fair and watching people’s reactions.  It made them smile, it made them giggle and that made it all worthwhile.



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